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Listen, learn, create, implement and adapt – five little verbs, so much meaning.  Any number of companies can craft a message. Others are happy to deliver your message for you.  Precious few are able to integrate the two in a fashion that assures maximum impact.  The Rensa Group goes beyond message creation and delivery; we absorb and reflect your corporate culture and project your image and brand.  To the outside world, we are you.  We meet your needs.  We advance your interests.  We fulfill your mission.

Our current and previous clients include:  a pioneer in the world of online automobile pricing transparency; a US leader in developing, legitimizing and regulating the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry; one of the world’s leading fitness experts; one of the nation’s largest taxpayer organizations; a first-to-market renewable energy company; numerous small business start-ups;  a diverse and talented group of professionals in the entertainment industry; professional athletes and models; artistic and business ventures using crowd-sourcing platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and a new dynamic social media platform, VidGage.

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